Overview A simple and effective procedure

Immediately after taking the test materials, it can be inserted into the Scholzen Microshuttle in a very simple way. In the process of closing the shuttle a valve releases automatically the internal anaerobic gas cartridges. The interior is filled with gas, and within a few minutes the Microshuttle MS 220 is completely anaerob.
Through a gate chamber in the Microcabine, the Microshuttle is placed into the anaerobic work chamber. The test materials are here prepared or processed with culture media in Petri dishes. The prepared cultures can then be directly incubated in one of the empty gate chambers.

Incubation in the Microincubator for larger volumes of test materials

The acrylic glass Microcarrier can hold up to 54 Petri dishes of test materials. It is used to transport the test materials from the Microcabine to the Microincubator, in a completely anaerobic condition.
In the process of closing the chamber of the Microincubator the cover of the Microcarrier will be opened automatically through the patented Scholzen lock system. Now, automatic incubation can be activated by pushing a button.

More devices for various fields of application

The high quality materials used in production, and its careful manufacturing guarantees the devices to be highly resistant against all kinds of stress resulting from its use.
This makes them outstandingly solid and long lived, attributes that apply to any product of Scholzen Microbiology Systems AG.

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