Microshuttle Microshuttle The Scholzen Microshuttle is absolutely new on the market. For the first time ever, it is now possible - by using a gas mixture - to transport or mail sensitive cultures under completely oxygen-free conditions, without using any kind of gel. This is a patent-protected process. Immediately after taking the test material, it can be inserted into the Scholzen Microshuttle in a very simple way. In the process of closing the shuttle a valve releases automatically the internal anaerobic gas cartridge. The interior is filled with gas, and within a few minutes the Microshuttle MS 220 is completely anaerob. Cartridges can be refilled, so they can be used again. For larger volumes of test materials, the Microshuttle model MS 150 can be filled with gas directly from a gas bottle. To maintain the anaerobic conditions the Microshuttle is equipped with a catalytic converter. A constant, moderate amount of excess pressure in the interior prevents dehydration of the test materials. The compact size of the shuttle makes it possible to send it by mail, in simply dropping it into the mailbox.