Microincubator Microincubator Up to 10 different gas mixtures with computer control

From the 4 «basic gases» (N2, CO2, H2 and O2) up to 10 different gas mixtures for a variety of incubations or tests can be activated from a program. The data for different gas mixture adjustments will be entered at our facilities according to customer request. We can reprogram this data at any time. Each chamber can now be «incubated» individually with the desired gas mixture. You simply select the gas mixture number and the desired chamber number. Likewise, anaerobic cultures and campylobacter, for example, can be processed parallel in the same system at the same time.

Low operating costs

In addition to the time you save, the low operating costs for the Scholzen systems are interesting and significant. The costs for an incubation of anaerobic cultures in one chamber of the Microincubator including energy and gas mixture, will be total in a maximum of 0.45$. Up to 104 petri dishes can be «incubated» at the same time. It is for this low operating costs that the initial investment is with regular use quickly amortized.

Long-term quality assurance with a Scholzen service contract

To make sure that you can always rely on test results,we can offer you the possibility of a service contract. This consists of an annual service for Scholzen systems at your location, including inspection and a quality certificate. This guarantees you an impeccable, thoroughly inspected system.