These products are no longer produced and sold.

Microflow MF 121 Biohazard Microflow MF 121 FO/FI Steril Box «Microflow MF 121»

The Scholzen Microbiology Systems' «Microflow» sterile box series provide the facilities to handle any kind of cultures and sample portions in a sterile, protected environment. Depending on the type, priority is given to protection of either the object or the surroundings and the operating personnel.
The excellent design with the well arranged sight pane permits ideal working conditions. The low air speed, adjustable from 0.2 to 0.5 m/s, ensures an air current free from turbulence.
The casing of the «Microflow» sterile box is made of chrome nickel steel 4401 and of acid-proof varnished steel sheet, which makes it extremely solid and long-lived.
As a special accessory, a stand is available.

All «Microflow» types are used in medicine, pharmaceutics, chemistry, biology, physics and electronics.

The «Biohazard» Type (MF 121 BH)
Essentially, inside the «Microflow 121 BH», the air is guided in a circular fashion.
A 20 % fresh air inlet on the operating side causes an air curtain which provides the operating personnel with the necessary protection and helps to keep the temperature in a pleasant range.
The state of filters as well as the air-speed and pressure is continuously monitored and analysed. The resulting data are made available to the user by appropriate gauges. Values beyond the regular bounds are optically and – if requested – acoustically indicated.

The «FO» Type (MF 121 FO)
The air is sucked through the preliminary filter, placed on top side of the «Microflow 121 FO», and then passes the Ultra-Filter, which eliminates 99.9999 % of the particles and other contaminations with sizes of 0.3 micron and above.
This guarantees a maximal protection of the object.
The vertical air flow free of turbulence in the working chamber escapes from the device horizontally forward under the sight pane. The generous arrangement of the inclined sight window prevents a contact of the air current with the operators face.

The «FI» Type (MF 121 FI)
In design similar to the «FO» type, the current of air inside the «Microflow 121 FI» is guided in reverse direction, i.e. the air is sucked through the work opening, flows around the working range and is then – before escaping on top side of the device – filtered in two stages as described above.
This guarantees a maximal protection of the surroundings and operating personnel.

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