Microcabine model «MC-1G» model «MC-3G» The Scholzen Microcabine consists of an absolutely air-tight working chamber with a 12mm security glass window with one or three gate chambers (models «MC-1G» and «MC-3G» respectivly).
The essential advantage of the Scholzen Microcabine is the possibility to evacuate the large working chamber and the gate chambers as well. Each chamber can be controlled individually and fully independent of one another, which makes it possible to create anaerobic conditions in a flexible and fast way. Furthermore, a constant, anaerobic atmosphere is maintained in the working chamber through a gentle, active circulation of an incubation mixture 2-3 times per hour. The gas mixture is guided through a specially developed catalytic converter with a water extractor and a visible gauge. In this dry interior atmosphere, the glass window remains clear and free of condensed water. The slanted angle of the glass window makes it easier for the operator to work without fatigue.

The integrated automatic control establishes anaerobic conditions in the working chamber, which includes filling the incubation gas mixture. Now the test materials, together with the culture medium, are placed into the gate chamber. The gate chamber is also automatically set to anaerobic conditions and filled with the incubation gas mixture. By using the impermeable gloves the connecting door to the gate chamber can be opened. Now the test materials can be placed into the working chamber to prepare it for the following incubation process. As soon as the test material is prepared an unoccupied gate chamber can be used directly for incubation. On the other hand it’s also possible to take the prepared test materials back trough the gate chamber by putting it into the Microcarrier. The Microcarrier can now be placed in a chamber of an external Microincubator.